It’s been about three months since the fourth-generation iPad appeared, which of course means it’s time for the rumors that the fifth-gen model is on the way, and we’ll throw in rumors of the next iPhone as well.

Jeremy Horwitz over at iLounge got the opportunity to check out what is said to be an accurate model of the redesigned fifth-generation iPad. It shares the same design aesthetic as the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, with chamfered edges and minimal bezels just large enough to accommodate the camera and home button.

Although some reports pegged the iPad 5′s launch for March, Horowitz thinks an October announcement is more likely, given the state of the design and manufacturing process. The next iPad could also feature an IGZO display from Sharp. The iPad mini also was rumored to feature such a display, which promises naturally greater brightness thanks to its chemical composition and lower power usage.

IHS iSupply mobile and emerging displays director Vinita Jakhanwal told Wired Sharp is the only company to produce IGZO displays right now, so for the next iPad to be exclusively IGZO, there could definitely be supply constraints. However, IGZO is already included in a small number of existing iPads.

The iPhone 5S also is coming this year, which isn’t really unexpected. It’ll look like its predecessor except for a larger rear flash, and we’ll supposedly see a cheaper plastic-cased iPhone designed to penetrate emerging markets where the iPhone’s high cost is a deterrent to sales.

Source: Wired