I’m Greek, but tonight I am an American. If only I could vote as an American for just a single legislation. Not be a pussy, like all those Presidents and Congressmen that passed by. Vote for a legislation that will be stricter on Gun use and finally minimize the potentiality of another massacre.

Really US citizens, your door step is not very far from being a crying dad or a shadow of a mother. 20 children got shot from a fucking lunatic and you have seen that kind of a movie dozens of time in the last decade. But your reaction to that is a gold-fish reaction… the next second you press the button and the “channel” has changed on your “Life Telly”.

Looking at the Statement of President Obama, I could say that as a father, the tears in his eyes are true. The way that he read the speech (although prepared, it was read as it is from paper — not used to see President Obama doing that ever before) showed that he would prefer to be somewhere else besides that place.

I suggest him to do so. I suggest him to make another step of differentiation from the US leaders of the recent past; create a gun ban. Stop this fucking nonsense of lunatic Americans to have a license of a gun or even worse to be able to easily find a gun. Don’t be afraid of the lobby… after all this is your last Presidency, do something memorable and honor.

Otherwise he is going to be like all the others… a fucking politician!

My condolences to the families, to the mothers, the fathers, the sisters and the brothers. To the Granny that will not hold her grandchild in her arms and to the Grandfathers that will not play with his grandchildren again. Rest in peace little angels!